Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Convo Gift + November Revenge

This month of November I have to reduce a little bit of my budget on gunpla, as lot of them is needed for this December event. Never then less i still able to obtain 2 gunpla (1 from my graduation gift, LIKE!! and another 1 normal monthly budget)

I love it when somebody game me Gunpla, because at my age right now, society think its not suitable for toys (GunPla is not Toys, but society think it is, blame the society !!)

~Rezel (Commander Type)~

So my older brother + his wife + my little sister gave me this Rezel (commander type) this has been my 2nd top list for the Jet Type (the first one is the Delta), jet type always been expensive compare to others. Thank You very2 muchy!!

Then this november revenge, i get the action base for the rezel and GunTank, this gunpla really old one. But i still like it as i just in to the tank type. Want to get the Loto Twin Set, but always not in the stock, so what to do GunTank just for now.

~Action Base 2 (Black)~


P/S: already finish gm custom,gouf custom, jesta n jegan...will be on the entry post later on.


  1. ooo.. de bg yg ni ka? haha... tatau la plk. de tau, de bg robot je..