Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trying to impress

My supervisor request the draft report on Thursday, but i don't know what comes to me, i determine to finish the draft one day early. trying to impress him. but now my work is half way to go, but really2 tired....

i have 2 choice, the first choice is close all my notes and then go to sleep...continue after wake up or the second choice, take a 2 hours nap and continue with the work...for sure i cannot continue, already banging the keyboard....can not 'goreng' anymore words.

the first choice is quite impossible because, i already made my plan for tomorrow evening, my friends will be coming to melaka, want to have all day out, so maybe have to struggle also tomorrow...and as for second choice...all alarm are setting to make sure I wake up to continue my job.

so anyhow...gudnite...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank You ...

Lately, i have been in very2 busy day...with my project that kept on failed, paid project that kept coming, also an unpaid chores that been adding to the list and also 'minat' project that can not let go due to my enthusiasm.

Thanks to Allah S.W.T , one by one problem have meet their answer...
  • I manage to come out with the result for my project, actually really proud of myself...kept smiling the whole night and feel very good (wanted to call myself master of the matlab... hahaha)

  • This week will be the last class (teach by me) for the robotic club class, finish with the module, hope that all that I thought will be able to help them (really like them all, because they have this 'minat' ).

  • VB programming project also settle, although the PIC for this project would not care much bout it, but due to that, I learn new knowledge on VB programming and Parallel wiring.

  • One of student project also got his result....really glad for him, coz he very serious in doing his project...usually student take simple on their FYP, did not meet their supervisor...no progress for almost 1 -2 month....quite sad when thinking that during my time, I would ask help from others (my family helps me a lot in this) even they are from others university or already working.

  • Green light from PIC of control panel for D'Space project to on hold until I finish my master project.

  • PIC of material handling system wiling to corporate in his role on this project, finish my task on this project...and also he like the concept idea for this project, hope he can finish this project.

  • finally, promise that i make with my love one, able to achieve (found the item that i really2 want to buy for her)
So, I would like to thanks my family, my friend that helps me....its really2 great to have you all support me

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Failure Plan

As night slowly comes to end, yet my project still not yet able to interpret the data. The result should be shown in simple trajectory graph, but i failed to plot the graph with the raw data i have.

The software that i use to analyze the data is matlab, a very powerful mathematical analysis software, yet very hard to use due to not familiarize with the language.

So up to now, already 15 plan had come to failed, however i must not give up. Cause i've been waiting to end my master project. One and half year that fill with mind blowing, body fatigue, sleepless night, and many more just to obtain a piece of 'paper'.

Anyway, will be trying to sleep and hope will come out with another plan, cause on monday needed to past up the final draft report.

Nite and Gudluck...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Aku, Robot & . . .

So today entry is on me wif the robot (large size robot) I proudly to declare mine !!!

The first robot I n my team design and fabricate use for robot competition, Robocon 2006 (we are sad due to the robot cannot function and also had to be sacrifice due to the weight limitations)

2nd robot I n my team (but my team left only me due to the lack of commitment from other team mates, group leader exclude them) fabricate, also use for robot competition, Robocon 2008...fully function, unfortunately did not able to do his task coz all group members not confident. My robot will be use to take the butter in the middle, in order it to do, a manual robot are require to lift my robot to reach the butter. They afraid that my robot will damage the manual robot.

The 3rd robot my team fabricate...consist of 3 person..n fabricate within 1 months...function according to plan with minor error...use in robot competition, Robowars 2010.

p/s: smaller robot entry will be post next time.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tank - Chapter I: Intro

First of all, would like to praise myself for able to "decorate" this blog, at least its no soo dull....1 hour learning HTML back 8 years ago...a little bit rusty there...nway, congrat to myself...

so today would like to introduce a new segment (hahahah) ....in dis segment, i would discuss on the coming project that i would like to make (if i have some time)...positive n negative comment would be much appreciate as i would take it to correct myself.

Project 1: Tank

The tank would be able to move at any uneven surface, and capable of climbing 50mm obstacle. Using the Tamiya twin drive gear box (not sure yet the torque) wif differential drive
The estimate dimension will be 400 x 250 mm
Control using RC 5 channel : 2 channel will be using to drive, 1 channel to rotate weapon, 1 channel to elevate weapon n 1 channel will be using to fire weapon
weapon design (BB bullet)
material: HDPE and Arcylic
Sketching will be come out when have some time (idea will be getting from image below...this robot can be get at RobotShop.com)

Budget: 5 Channel RC remote + Wheels + Motor + Materials + Electronic = estimate around RM500

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Iron Man Mark 6

Last night as i was on da way to slumber land....i found this superb blog (a shop blog)...the item of the blog was really2 interesting, lots of great figurine...

Suddenly my eye catch up with something that can not be describe in words... its "Ironman"...the texture, the color, the quality is magnificient (from the look of the picture)...the price also quite reasonable....

Here are some picture of the figurine...really2 nice...1st pay of course will be use to get this...hahhahah