Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Failure Plan

As night slowly comes to end, yet my project still not yet able to interpret the data. The result should be shown in simple trajectory graph, but i failed to plot the graph with the raw data i have.

The software that i use to analyze the data is matlab, a very powerful mathematical analysis software, yet very hard to use due to not familiarize with the language.

So up to now, already 15 plan had come to failed, however i must not give up. Cause i've been waiting to end my master project. One and half year that fill with mind blowing, body fatigue, sleepless night, and many more just to obtain a piece of 'paper'.

Anyway, will be trying to sleep and hope will come out with another plan, cause on monday needed to past up the final draft report.

Nite and Gudluck...


  1. amcam? ade progress x? tomoro ka yg nk pass up tu?

  2. nak pass up tu ari tommorow nak siap semua draft...siap awal senang sket...bleh repair2 lagi...

  3. hoh. arituh semangat nk suh akak tlg tgkkan. akak duk check email hari2 takdak apa pun dr aien.

  4. kak inas ckp nak call balik pas balik umah...tak call...aien ingat kak inas tak berminat.....weekend ni aien anta kat kak inas...

  5. muahaha ... akak igt akak kata nk kol aien blk. tp lps tuh enset tinggal dlm kete. lusanya br amik.