Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great Bargain

2011 almost come to end, lots of sale and promotion pop-up from nowhere. But, yet the money is never enough for desire to be satisfy...

Start with this 18Nov, there are popular books clearance sale near me at Summit Subang USJ, up to 80% discount. Really nice bargain . . .

Then of to 20th November, where my friends will be having their wedding, the problem is not the weeding event...the event is a great thing, i'm really grateful for them (congratulations!!). but the thing is i agree to bought something from the groom. It is the PS3 game (2 of them actually)

Then next is the CRAZY sale cytron, all the item have been reduce to 50%.really2 worth it, I think i will bought something at the amount of RM200 (maybe . . .)

Then after that on 24th Nov, we have this aftermath big bad wolf sale, all the books there is rm5 only...i want to add more collection on the educational books,so may consider on going there.
Never then less, this online shop already restock the loot for gunpla. I have to get it fast or the item would be sold out.

so...ka ching $ $ $ ka ching

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Convo Gift + November Revenge

This month of November I have to reduce a little bit of my budget on gunpla, as lot of them is needed for this December event. Never then less i still able to obtain 2 gunpla (1 from my graduation gift, LIKE!! and another 1 normal monthly budget)

I love it when somebody game me Gunpla, because at my age right now, society think its not suitable for toys (GunPla is not Toys, but society think it is, blame the society !!)

~Rezel (Commander Type)~

So my older brother + his wife + my little sister gave me this Rezel (commander type) this has been my 2nd top list for the Jet Type (the first one is the Delta), jet type always been expensive compare to others. Thank You very2 muchy!!

Then this november revenge, i get the action base for the rezel and GunTank, this gunpla really old one. But i still like it as i just in to the tank type. Want to get the Loto Twin Set, but always not in the stock, so what to do GunTank just for now.

~Action Base 2 (Black)~


P/S: already finish gm custom,gouf custom, jesta n jegan...will be on the entry post later on.

Monday, November 7, 2011


The 1st step is always the hardest, but then one shall take the step to know their future...

Without looking back, think twice . . . thee shall walk proudly with the decision thee choose

Two roads diverge, never thee know what lies ahead . . .

So i,ve taken my first step, thus i have to planning carefully to make sure everything, everyone and everyday will go smoothly

This 1st step I've taken in pursuit of happiness together with the love ones OFFICIALLY .. .. ..

gudluck and all da best....Amin


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Terlalu Banyak . . .

Biasa ak tulis dlm english, bkn sbb ak nak berlagak or tak hormat bahasa tanah air. cuma ak rasa ni peluang ak utk berkomunikasi dalam bahasa inggeris . . . kat blog laaa ak menggunakan bahasa inggeris dgn cara tak formal...nak ckp english sokmo...xder lak org nak berbual lepaskan laa kat blog ni...

so entry ni bukan pasal bahasa sebenarnyer...tapi pasal minda ak...kalo nak tulis entry tanpa perlu pk...mmg terus ak tulis melayu terus...ak tak tau laa...ak rasa ak dah abis dah ak still rasa minda ak ni penat sngt...terlalu banyak sngt nak berpk...

haih..nak mengeluh pun rasa mcm membazir mengeluh gak selalu...haihhhh...

patut nya cuti tak yah pk pasal keja...rehat laa sebaik time cuti ni, sbb masa lapang agak kepala ni pk lg banyak sngt dari biasa, time ak belajar selalu gak tak pernah ak rasa mcm ni punya dasyaht...rasa mcm nak headshot jer kepala sendiri (bukan betul2...dlm game CS,heheheh)

pk dan pk . . . tapi jawapan tak pernah ada...mmg takder pun . . .tapi stil kena pk pk and pk....pasal ilmu boleh di kalo pasal sorg2 laaa....tu yg takder jawapan tu....

p/s: zombie kg pisang mesti tak suka otak ak...sbb otak ak giler2 nyer berserabut tinggi.baek utk org idup, xbaek utk org dah mati....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

September Revenge

September have been the hardest month in the past...lots of pressure come from work...from life...and from own way to relief this stress by doing something i like, when finish i would become happily....So list of my hobby that help me to relief this stress are:
  1. Finish reading my English novel (fantasy fiction genre)
  2. Build own robot from scratch (small scale or big)
  3. Finish playing game (usually RPG one like dragons age, baldur gate n etc)
  4. Finish building a gunpla
  5. Finish making a proposal for research project or paper for conference
  6. Successful repair something that very2 hard
  7. Brainstorming bout robot with frens around table
  8. go Jog or Gym and exercise till really tired
so that several hobby that able to relief my stress that i can think rite now. and because of stress keep building on September, early October i get my revenge....and get this item....huhuhu

~Wagtail Custom & Jegan (Ecoas type)~

~Jesta (really lucky to get it, the last one in the shop) & Gouf Custom~

So this stock is to be prepare for October....If this October...get stress out...already have 4 stock gunpla to finish it...hehehehhe

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kalau kat Melaka

Kalu kat melaka . . . .

  1. Bila boring, g sorg2 shopping complex jusco baru or lama...just window shopping,cuci mata n tgk barang2 pelik n baru.
  2. Bila tension, g sorg2 arcade maen game.....abis smpi rm5 - rm10...pki seluar track jer sbb nak menari..heheheh
  3. Bila tak semangat, g jogging kat hutan rekreasi, pusing 2 3 round...layan keindahan alam sambil dengar lagu mp3 kuat2..kalo ada org tegur or kenal...tak dengar pun sbb duk berangan sambil jogging
  4. Bila pertengahan bulan jer, g sorg2 ker popular...tgk buku per yg baru kuar...ada yg menarik tak...kalo ada...baca sket...n then roger2 sponser..kalo takder sponser...terpkasa laa menahan lapar utk seminggu..baru dpt beli buku idaman...
  5. Kalo nak buang masa waktu weekdays, g library....then dari tingkat atas sekali hujung...scan buku...buku per baru...buku per yg menarik..buku per yg best...kalo jumpa pinjam...master dulu bleh pinjam 15 buku...ble lambat sehari...20sen satu buku...pnah lambat 5 hari....pergh...terbang duit time tu...
  6. Kalo rasa nak borak2...g lepak kedai makan RSU time malam (skrg tak bukak malam dah kut)...tak pun kedai siti...pakcik kedai sana suka sembang....
  7. Kalo nak berborak pasal robot...ajak junior g kuar makan...then sembang pasal robot...kadang2 tak sedar smpi pagi kat mcD...sedar biler org mcD tuka sign board breakfast
  8. Kalo nak borak pasal haz, lepak kat pangsapuri...sembang pasal bisnes n peluang wat duit...huhuhuh
  9. kalo nak tgk wayang, stat jer moto...trus g beli tiket...tgk sorg2 pun no hal...lg enjoy...pernah layan 3 wayang pastu pening terus kepala...sbb tak pki spek lg zaman tu...
  10. Kalo nak makan tmpt yg best...breakfast, kedai hutan (kedai tu dlm hutan rekreasi tu)...tgh ari, tasik makan sebelah tasik ayer keroh....angin dia pun sedap jer...layan)...malam, makan kat tasik ada...makan tepi pantai ada....makan sambil bersila (gazeebo stail)...semua dekat2 jer....
  11. Kalo nak berpeluh...roger jer meber..ajak maen kena booking dulu, no tepon dah ada...kalo maen dua org, setengah jam dah lepas maen tu....terus minum 100plus...sedap giler feel dia....
  12. Kalo nak cari barang hardware, org kedai pun dah knal...bleh dpt special price....ble tak datang lama...dia tanya...heheheh
  13. Kalo nak cari barang eletrik...dekat gak...barang takder kat kedai tu pun bleh mintak dorg oda kan...n then..selalu dpt student price wpun bukan selalu pergi..n sejak student lagi asyik pergi..
dah lama duk kat melaka...tu yg mcm semua apa yg takder kat melaka...n ada kat shah alam...kalo nak mandi...kolam sebelah jer...heheheheh.

p/s:shah alam bnyk pki duit kalo nak jalan...tu yg tak jalan survey tmpt tu....lgpn weekend busy sngt lorrr...

Stress kut !!

Today, our department have standard weekly department meeting, as usually, this meeting just to add on new task (project)...and update on the status of existing project.

Me and one of my colleague should finished a very super duper hard task this friday, but as now none can be shown as progress (still in study and research) the bos warn us (me only as one colleague is on MC) cause we ask for more time.

Actually the dead line had been moved twice, because we cannot finish it on time, the 1st time due to lot of ad-hoc project need to be finish in a blink of eye. He warn us, that this project should not be pending anymore, and at the same time, give us more project. Then said that we should be more multitasking...and not to forget to Prioritize project or task that is important....

so......I think I STRESS kut !!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Progress ???

I would like to update a little bit bout my right now, i think i'm not very efficient on my work.
~replace those human rights with work > too lazy to re-edit~

Due to the the task given, i have to study hard, to be able to develop system that bos demand. And study oneself makes me very2 boring, no motivation, no "pemangkin" and no any rewards to be promise...just if you finish the job on the time given, GOOD JOB....but if you failed, even you try hard, PLEASE BE FOCUS ON UR WORK !! (warning, bad on performance)

so becuse all this boring enviroment, i kept login my FB, update, stalk people, comment, every 5 minutes. can not focus much on the study...although, i like new things, but the presure is really2 burden me....a system that take 5 - 7 years to be develop as existing ...and then ask us ...newcomers, to develop the exact system with language that can be easily understand, modified circuit just based on actual product, no diagram and no schematic...all of this were asked to be completed during our first 3 mont...and the dead line is next friday...during that 3 months, there are lots of lots of lots of tons ad-hoc job required for us to finish in 1 - 2 weeks time . .. ..

that's why at the time like this, i can only think 3 thinks hat can make me calm a little bit
  1. Whats my mum is cooking?
  2. Gunpla (robot modeling)
  3. and dating
but all of this thing is not easily achievable, required time, money and also energy...not to forget...empty stomach...huhuhu

nway...gudluck to me..and have a good scolding next week..hahahah

Monday, September 19, 2011

Mengidam . . .

Sejak dua menjak ni...ak asyik mengidam robot jer...ntah laaa asyik duk pk jer...time takder duit ni laa semangat duk di sebabkan masa n kewangan tak cukup nak wat robot eletronik...ak duk asyik pk jer robot jesta n wagTail...

~box Art RGM-79C Type C (WagTail)~

~boxArt RGM-96X Jesta~

Pergh...rasa nak menangis jer sbb tak dapat...budget bulan depan lak tak cukup nak cari xtra income utk bulan depan...sbb mesti beli ni...huhuhuh

~jesta siap bina~

p/s: hobby gunpla ku nak start balik dah....huhuhuh

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Anime : Steins gate

So...sapa ada layan anime steins gate .. anime tu smpi 24 episod...skrg dah 21, kira nyer dah nak abis laa...

so plot anime ni sngt2 complex...n sngt2 interesting...cerita sorg pasal self-proclaim mad scientist, yg interest dlm travel along the timeline, either past or future. so dia n lab member dia berjaya laa wat time travel device yg bleh travel past, tp bukan body yg travel, just memory...masalah nyer, kalo org laen yg guna, org laen tak kan tau yg dia pernah guna alat tu, sbb memory sebelum ni (future) xkan jadi biler past mad scientist ni bleh kekal memory dia...

mcm best alat ni, tp dier ada side effect gak..biler ubah past, time line pun akan nak jadikan cerita ni, sorg watak pmpn yg dia tak knal biler dia guna alat ni, pmpn tu jadi assistant dia...jadi rapat dorg ni....dan dia tak mati pada waktu yg sorg lab member dia yg dari kecil asyik bersama dia...mati pada waktu yg di tetapkan (dah smpi ajal dah la)...

~guna cover game x-box 360, mcm cantek jer~

so skrg dia kena wat choice...dia nak selamatkan assitant dia, yg baek ngn dia..n maybe ada feeling sket kat ctu...or dia nak selamat kan kawan yg dari dulu sentiasa bersama dia....

ada lg episod nak tau ending kte tunggu n lihat...cerita biler tgk kena fokus sbb agak serius n kena paham betul2...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

hari yang tak berapa nak hangat !!!

sepatut nya ak patut post entry pasal keja ak dul...kasi mukadimah ntah laaa...tak der ayat nak describe keja ak ni mcm mana....

nway entry arini pasal keja gak laaa...bengang ngn org yg rasa dia pandai, ble kte nak belajar ilmu dari dia...ak sebenar nyer cukup suka kalo dapat jumpa org yg tau apa yg ak tak tau...ak dapat belajar . . .tapi kebanyakan org mcm ni...ble kte mcm tersenguk2 nak belajar dari dia...dia pun berlagak . . .siap perli ak lgi....salah kah diri ku ini kalo nak menuntut ilmu dari org yg lebih muda...dari org yg dulu nyer pernah belajar dari kte . . . .salah kah!!!

ilmu and rezeki ni tuhan yg bg . . .andai kte tamak, kedekut or takbur . . .ble2 masa tuhan boleh tarik . . .

ak paling suka kalo dapat kongsi ilmu, sbb ble ak terangkan...dlm masa yg sama, ak dapat memahami ngn jelas...lgpun, belajar tinggi2 bukan bermakna dah pandai dah....kadang2 org yg lg muda, yg baru abis spm pun boleh tau bnyk benda dari kita...

andai kata ada org yg lagi xperience nak belajar dari kte...jgn laaa berlagak...n jgn laaa kedekut...sesungguh nya ilmu tu lebih baek bila di kongsi kan bersama....

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Dah lama tak update log ni...berhabuk dah...

busy sket kebelakangan maklum laa dah bekerjaya...

so today entry just to clear the spider web hanging at the corner of my blog...

next time i will tell more on my update...

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hobby - Gunpla (Sleep Mode)

Before, I have my entry on the hobby, but as right now, the hobby were stop for temporary. I'm still interest in this hobby, but lot of issue coming . . .

~Full collection of my Gunpla and double Nerf N-Strike Maverick~

Even so for the past two month in gunpla, I'm quite proud with my achievement...hehehe...

~Tool box just for gunpla Hobby, still lack of tools~

Even so i did not have any backgrounds in hand arts, still i able to hand paint my gunpla and it's okay for the beginner level.~ The Astray Frame Trio, would be complete if i can get the RED revised Frame (MG), BLUE 2nd Revise Frame(MG), GOLD Frame(MG), Mirage Frame (MG), Mirage revised Frame (MG)~

~yup, also have alien with Big Sword to accompany my L-Gaim Big Gun~

~Not to forget my Trio Keroro Pirate Editions, with little bit of hand print, waiting 2 more to be complete~

Fairy tale: A hobby have to put to sleep and wait for her prince charming to come and wake her into reality...

Decision . . .

So tomorrow may be my last day to make decision,

either go to Shah Alam, and travel to Tanjung Malim for 5days 4 Night and only to focus on the project or;

Stay in Melaka, and finish my paid project, confirm the tender and submit the quotation, and finish the proposal that have to be submit this 1st July.

Which shall i choose, 1st choice is very tempting, as right now, i really need to "change the wind" and run away from this "not sure" crisis. but, the project duration is 6 weeks, and I may not be able to complete the whole project, thus i may be burden to my colleague, more like I want to go because I want to run away....

the 2nd choices is more like to finish all the thing i started before and do not want to disappoint everyone who trust me. . .

p/s: tonight theme: query . . .

Future . . .

Last week i had a job interview, and the result will be out within this 2 weeks. If i pass, i have to attend on the 2nd interview. If i fail . . .and what should I do . . .

I've been thinking and thinking, what route should i choose . . . an engineer, or a lecturer, or a businessman . . .if i have the time and the capabilities, i want to be everything. A lecturer, engineer and also a businessman.

So, what the result would be for my future ?. . . as right now, while waiting for the reply from the company . . . I try my best in this engineering business . . . and If i failed the the interview, I may apply for part time lecturer and part time student. Would like to continue my study . . . but wanted to have experience of the reality world as a lecturer or as a engineer and try my best to steal some time for my business. . .

So what say you on my future . . .

Friday, May 20, 2011

(F5)~Refresh : Arcade

For the past 6 years i been living as a student. During that time stress, fatigue, and others mind burden simptom always fall upon me. So in order for me to continue and finish my study, i did various kind of thing to refresh or computer words 'F5'.

One of them is playing at arcade games. lots of genre games suited with my desire, as long as i win, i like that often plays at the arcade are...first person shooter such as virtual cop, time crisis...action motion games such as dance2 revolution, para2 sakura (must wear suitable outfit to play this game)...

~ me playing virtual on, fav game~

Joystick control simulation such as virtual on (used to versus with arcade technician there, we play almost 3+ rounds, we lost a lot of money, but the technician have master key that can play again and again), flight simulation...and also racing games starwars pod racer and daytona USA...

~aka pika, super genius in everything...only one day training already can beat me(5 years exp.) and the arcade tech~

before this i spend minium rm15 at the arcade to plays games, but as time continues,only rm3 pervisit, per2month. Not much income and do not have one headed friends anymore...

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Finally . . .

Tomorrow will be my last battle as a student ( right now don't have any planning to further up more, work first, then get married after that will be thinking whether to continue or not). I will present my master project at 3.00p.m...due to insufficient work of the coordinator, i be the last one to present.

That means, all the hope of the examiner and panel would be depleted, as there will be two session for tomorrow, morning session and evening session. Thus all the lecturer may be tired, and sleepy (I always get sleepy after eat....hhehehehe) but i will do my best, cause i have put a lot of effort in this project...

Anyway, i hope tomorrow everything would be okay, and all da best for me....thank you.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hobby - Remote Control

In this entry, i would like to introduce my next hobby. Right now this hobby, are in the on-hold list as it require some investment to proceed further.

Although all the picture in this entry are RC Heli, but my hobby, are not limited to heli only. I also have RC Car (but not very good condition to be model in this entry), as long as its RC, I like them all.

~First RC Heli, major damage during first flight, totally a NOOB pilot~

~Outdoor Heli but very hard to control~

~Aluminum RC Heli, still in perfect shape due to sturdiness~

All of my RC Heli, are generally classified as toys, and why i said that?? My self declare term as toys is "buy & play" but for hobby "Desire, Buy, Modified & Learn". we plays with toys, but if it is hobby, we did not play it, we learn and make as our desire wanted.

That's why, right now, to proceed further in this hobby, i need to buy, a proper hobby RC heli as shown below.

Source: RC Dreamz

Wow!! hehehe, nice one huh . . like, like...

Yes, as you can see this hobby RC heli has all what should RC Heli have, beside that, this RC Heli are suitable for outdoor flight. And the price is . . . .


So, find job first, get the finance solid, and then would consider on buying this RC Heli.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Hobby - Trading Card

Last post is bout my new hobby, as for this post will be about my past hobby, still have it but not play due to each team member walk their own path.

The hobby that i want to talk about is trading card game. Not just any trading card game...but international trading card: Magic The Gathering. So each game represents a battle between powerful wizards, known as "planeswalkers", who use the magical spells, items, and fantastic creatures depicted on individual Magic cards to defeat their opponents. This trading card game is not very suitable for child below 12, as it require deep knowledge of understanding and prefect strategy.

~ playing Magic at the dorm ~

I start involve in this hobby, at the age of 15, but playing with computer game on desktop computer (that time do not have any money, and did not know any shop that sell this card). the on the age of 19 (during matriculation study), I meet with friends who actually play and collect the card. 1 year exposed with friends, i also has become one of the wizards of magic the gathering.

~Akroma, Angel of wrath~

Lots of rare card is in my collection, and the one that i love the most is "Akroma, Angel of Wrath". Among my fellow members in matrix, I'm one of powerful opponent need to be aware of. But then, when i join, another magic group, a serious one. They gather at the hobby shop every Sunday from 9 to 12. One of them are top 50 in Malaysia and also there is one player, that rarely come, is top 5 in Malaysia, and also representative of Malaysia for international competition.

He never play serious with me (beginner), and he shows his legendary deck,a very superb combination and strategy. I try once to versus his powerful deck with my one and only legendary (so called) deck. In 5 minutes, I lost...-12 to 36. The initial life is 20. then, slowly my enthusiasm in this hobby began to withered. Rarely i come to the gathering, if come, just see them play, feel very shy to fight them with the so called legendary deck.

But still, i like this game, just not very serious enough. A serious player would buy all the limited edition card, and construct all the most powerful deck they can (still, this hobby require a lot of money)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Hobby

Lately, i been actively adding 'following' list of other blogs. However the blog that increase the number on the list is mainly on Gunpla hobby.

Gunpla or gundam plastic models refers to plastic and non-plastic model kits depicting the mechas, vehicles and characters of the fictional Mobile Suit Gundam universe (Wikipedia). so its basically bout building a robot (3d puzzle), a toys robot to be precise.

Why, i suddenly become interest in this hobby??...

well, it all start because of my master project. Due to the programming kept on failing, i have to think of new method in order to obtain result to be analyze for my master project. But 1 week of forcing to think will not result anything. Therefore, i do something that i like the most, that is building a robot. But if i start building the robot, i have to take 1 month, for material and $$$.

So, the faster ways to build a robot is building a robot model. although the price is quite high, but not as high as actual robot. so i went shopping with my friends, and bought all the stuff below.

As you can see, quite an item there.....there also parts to build the robot...

part for actual robot:
  • ladder sprocket chain
  • 4-speed crank axle gear box
  • universal plate set
  • tank track (in white box)
  • pic beginner kit (in white box) - mahasan
  • 8-channel servo controller (in white box) - en faizul

  • Keroro - pirate edition #38
  • Heavy metal - L- Gaim HG

~L-Gaim with my 3 in 1 solar tank~

so, after that crazy shopping...all the part to make a robot has stop, and gunpla model has incrase:
  • Keroro - pirate edition #35
  • Gundam Seed Astray - Blue Frame HG
  • Gundam Seed Astray - Green Frame HG
  • Tool box with all item to build the robot model as prefect as it can be (lots of money goes in here) ~still not complete yet, lots of things need to buy.

and in planning to get:
  • Keroro - pirate edition #36, #37, #39, need all 5 to complete full set
  • Gundam seed Astray - Red Frame HG
  • Air Brush Pen
  • Hobby Paint & cement

after get all the planning item, decided to on hold this hobby, and continue my actual hobby, building a actual moving robot (tak kawen laa ak...abis duit kat hobby jek).

Monday, April 18, 2011

Offer 1

Today, an offer to be research assistant comes to me. Actually i already reject the offer, and try to promote my friend, however he did not show any enthusiasm of that offer. Also, i have a doubt on his performance on the knowledge.

It's not that i don't trust him, just regarding on his capabilities make me think twice. Promoting him means that i guarantee to the lectures that he can do it, but when i notice his performance on the topic of research, i not so sure his the right man.

As a result, i advice the lecture to rethink on my recommendation of him. In a flash, the lecturer directly reject him, and put my name on the application and say that i can quit whenever i get fixed job. The reason the lecture want me in this research because, i have participated before, so no need to explain from the beginning.

I feel bad for my friends, and i hope that he can find job quickly (same to me)~Sorry

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trying to impress

My supervisor request the draft report on Thursday, but i don't know what comes to me, i determine to finish the draft one day early. trying to impress him. but now my work is half way to go, but really2 tired....

i have 2 choice, the first choice is close all my notes and then go to sleep...continue after wake up or the second choice, take a 2 hours nap and continue with the work...for sure i cannot continue, already banging the keyboard....can not 'goreng' anymore words.

the first choice is quite impossible because, i already made my plan for tomorrow evening, my friends will be coming to melaka, want to have all day out, so maybe have to struggle also tomorrow...and as for second choice...all alarm are setting to make sure I wake up to continue my job.

so anyhow...gudnite...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank You ...

Lately, i have been in very2 busy day...with my project that kept on failed, paid project that kept coming, also an unpaid chores that been adding to the list and also 'minat' project that can not let go due to my enthusiasm.

Thanks to Allah S.W.T , one by one problem have meet their answer...
  • I manage to come out with the result for my project, actually really proud of myself...kept smiling the whole night and feel very good (wanted to call myself master of the matlab... hahaha)

  • This week will be the last class (teach by me) for the robotic club class, finish with the module, hope that all that I thought will be able to help them (really like them all, because they have this 'minat' ).

  • VB programming project also settle, although the PIC for this project would not care much bout it, but due to that, I learn new knowledge on VB programming and Parallel wiring.

  • One of student project also got his result....really glad for him, coz he very serious in doing his project...usually student take simple on their FYP, did not meet their progress for almost 1 -2 month....quite sad when thinking that during my time, I would ask help from others (my family helps me a lot in this) even they are from others university or already working.

  • Green light from PIC of control panel for D'Space project to on hold until I finish my master project.

  • PIC of material handling system wiling to corporate in his role on this project, finish my task on this project...and also he like the concept idea for this project, hope he can finish this project.

  • finally, promise that i make with my love one, able to achieve (found the item that i really2 want to buy for her)
So, I would like to thanks my family, my friend that helps me....its really2 great to have you all support me

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Another Failure Plan

As night slowly comes to end, yet my project still not yet able to interpret the data. The result should be shown in simple trajectory graph, but i failed to plot the graph with the raw data i have.

The software that i use to analyze the data is matlab, a very powerful mathematical analysis software, yet very hard to use due to not familiarize with the language.

So up to now, already 15 plan had come to failed, however i must not give up. Cause i've been waiting to end my master project. One and half year that fill with mind blowing, body fatigue, sleepless night, and many more just to obtain a piece of 'paper'.

Anyway, will be trying to sleep and hope will come out with another plan, cause on monday needed to past up the final draft report.

Nite and Gudluck...

Monday, March 7, 2011

Aku, Robot & . . .

So today entry is on me wif the robot (large size robot) I proudly to declare mine !!!

The first robot I n my team design and fabricate use for robot competition, Robocon 2006 (we are sad due to the robot cannot function and also had to be sacrifice due to the weight limitations)

2nd robot I n my team (but my team left only me due to the lack of commitment from other team mates, group leader exclude them) fabricate, also use for robot competition, Robocon 2008...fully function, unfortunately did not able to do his task coz all group members not confident. My robot will be use to take the butter in the middle, in order it to do, a manual robot are require to lift my robot to reach the butter. They afraid that my robot will damage the manual robot.

The 3rd robot my team fabricate...consist of 3 person..n fabricate within 1 months...function according to plan with minor error...use in robot competition, Robowars 2010.

p/s: smaller robot entry will be post next time.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tank - Chapter I: Intro

First of all, would like to praise myself for able to "decorate" this blog, at least its no soo dull....1 hour learning HTML back 8 years ago...a little bit rusty there...nway, congrat to myself...

so today would like to introduce a new segment (hahahah) dis segment, i would discuss on the coming project that i would like to make (if i have some time)...positive n negative comment would be much appreciate as i would take it to correct myself.

Project 1: Tank

The tank would be able to move at any uneven surface, and capable of climbing 50mm obstacle. Using the Tamiya twin drive gear box (not sure yet the torque) wif differential drive
The estimate dimension will be 400 x 250 mm
Control using RC 5 channel : 2 channel will be using to drive, 1 channel to rotate weapon, 1 channel to elevate weapon n 1 channel will be using to fire weapon
weapon design (BB bullet)
material: HDPE and Arcylic
Sketching will be come out when have some time (idea will be getting from image below...this robot can be get at

Budget: 5 Channel RC remote + Wheels + Motor + Materials + Electronic = estimate around RM500

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Iron Man Mark 6

Last night as i was on da way to slumber land....i found this superb blog (a shop blog)...the item of the blog was really2 interesting, lots of great figurine...

Suddenly my eye catch up with something that can not be describe in words... its "Ironman"...the texture, the color, the quality is magnificient (from the look of the picture)...the price also quite reasonable....

Here are some picture of the figurine...really2 nice...1st pay of course will be use to get this...hahhahah

Thursday, February 24, 2011

MURoC 2011

So entry for today is about MUROC, stand for Malaysia University Robot Competition. Basically this robot competition is a lightweight category (based on my opinion). In this competition, the have 3 types of games...

1)Fire Fighting Robot -
Fire Fighting Robot is a game based on fire fighter rescue mission (consists of victim rescue and fire extinguish activities). The Fire Fighting Robot will be required to search around the house (field) victims and rescue as much as possible, while extinguishing fire in three minutes. This exercise is completed when the robot returns to the starting zone (RESCUE). Two teams (red and blue) will fight in each round (,2011)

2)Rope Climbing Robot -
Rope Climbing Robot is a game based on the military physical training. The Rope Climbing Robot is required to climb a 4.5 meter (177”) rope in three minutes. This exercise is completed when the robot touched the dedicated round plate (CLIMB) at the end of the rope. Two teams (red and blue) will fight in each round (,2011).

3)Paint Ball Robot -
Paintball Robot is inspired from the paintball game and has the same basic rule. The game will be ended when the robots can bring back the opponent competition flag to the starting zone (ACCOMPLISH). Two teams (red and blue) will fight in each round for five minutes. Each team is represented by 3 operators responsible in controlling the robot via remote control, 3 pit crews responsible for setting up of the robots and an instructor (,2011).

Our faculty,FKP has chosen the Fire fighting robot, and the team consist of 2 year 3 and 5 year 1 degree student. Actually this competition is just like a beginning for the year 1 student. To collect knowledge, to experience hardship and also to make them feel that making robot is fun and satisfying (i hope the get it, or else we will not see them anymore in next robot competition)

Finally, like to wish this team...gudluck and all the best...and very2 sorry that i can not go along....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Blog ???

3.30pm, on the road from Shah Alam to Melaka, i get an insight to create another blog. Why i need a new blog? actually it's not a new blog, just another genre of blog. Basically the current blog that i was using are mainly focused on my life, and another blog that may be created around the corner mainly focused on sharing knowledge and technology.

The new blog not yet have a title, and basically the source may be from the web also, just thinking that while surfing for idea, i kept crashing on very2 interesting topic, yet i just read alone. So this new blog, i would like to share with others regarding the knowledge....the new technology...and also the contest & event happening around me....

So frens...any idea on the head line of my new blog?and this blog will still be around to tell the story of my life....

Monday, February 14, 2011

RM 150.00

Last weekend, on my way to shah alam, my motorbike tire got puncture. A very2 big nails stuck at the tire. So inorder to continue my journey... first i call the PLUS hotline, they say, they cant do much...then i call this malay mechanics...he said, he will be there 20 minutes....but 1 1/2 hours i wait...still not come...

But then, a green kancil stop by....2 indian guys ask if i want to repair the tire...i agree seem the malay mechanics show no sign of coming (when i call, his caller ring tone play "InsyaAllah" by maher zain). After 1 hours, those indian come back with repair tire...and the price for all of that is RM150.00...CRAZY !!!...i know they try yo cheat me...n bully me since i got no option...i pay them (with little bit of traumatize experience)..

Since that day, i always thinking what can i do with the money RM150.00... Lots of things came out from my mind. I really fell frustrated because when u know u been cheated, n u also know, who cheat u, but u cannot do anything...make u fell really really mad. Anyway, the things i can do with RM150 come out in the list:
  1. Nerf Barricade 2x (coz i really want to buy since December but not so important so just KIV first...price RM70 each)
  2. Tank Track 3x (to complete my tank tire, i need 3 more tank track....price RM42 each)
  3. Imation & Kingston Pendrive festive collection (chinese new year i only got 2 design, n ithink, there will be valentine edition also...price RM28 each)
  4. Transformer Thumb Drive (very2 cool thumbdrive but the size are to small....price RM120)
  5. Clothing & Wear (before this accompany fren went shopping for his company dinner, notice lots of cool and smart clothing....price:Sweater = RM44.90, White Jeans = RM52.90, Hawaiian Shirt = RM55.00, T-Shirt = RM50 for 3 pieces)
  6. Dating (price for 2 person: Cinema = RM18.00, McD prosperity = RM32.00, Gift to remember = RM30.00, Fuel = RM30.00)
  7. Domino Pizza (now melaka have domino pizza...price = valentine set RM30.00)
So, lot of desire can be fill by RM150...and it such a waste just to give to somebody that does not know to spend their money (buying beer & cigarette)

Monday, January 24, 2011

Worthy or Not

The clock show 1.49 morning, stay up today tapi bukan wat keja sendiri

(blaming himself for not saying NO)...

Even so, kena siap kan gak sebab dah janji . . . actually buat keja org ni bukan teruk sangat, banyak benefit yang boleh dapat, antara nyer:
  1. dapat belajar benda baru
  2. dapat pahala
  3. dapat tambah pengalaman
  4. dapat rezeki (kalo dia baek nak belanja laaaa)
Cuma yang tak best nyer...biler apa yang kita wat tu tak meet expectation org tu...stay up laa sampai 3, 4 ari pun....

tapi kalo dia hargai apa yg kita wat, nampak usaha kita, rasa berbaloi jer apa yg kita usahakan

but, when they did not appreciate our work...sedih giler rasa...macam mana nak gambarkan perasaan tu ek...mcm kte bg hadiah kat awek n awek tak hargai laa....lebih kurang mcm tu laaa

so...niat dalam hati tu biler wat keja mesti laa wat kerana Allah s.w.t, org tak hargai pun tak per...