Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hobby - Gunpla (Sleep Mode)

Before, I have my entry on the hobby, but as right now, the hobby were stop for temporary. I'm still interest in this hobby, but lot of issue coming . . .

~Full collection of my Gunpla and double Nerf N-Strike Maverick~

Even so for the past two month in gunpla, I'm quite proud with my achievement...hehehe...

~Tool box just for gunpla Hobby, still lack of tools~

Even so i did not have any backgrounds in hand arts, still i able to hand paint my gunpla and it's okay for the beginner level.~ The Astray Frame Trio, would be complete if i can get the RED revised Frame (MG), BLUE 2nd Revise Frame(MG), GOLD Frame(MG), Mirage Frame (MG), Mirage revised Frame (MG)~

~yup, also have alien with Big Sword to accompany my L-Gaim Big Gun~

~Not to forget my Trio Keroro Pirate Editions, with little bit of hand print, waiting 2 more to be complete~

Fairy tale: A hobby have to put to sleep and wait for her prince charming to come and wake her into reality...


  1. comel2 keroro yg plg tgh2 tu. mau2.. ade rs cm nk bg kt de x? haha..

  2. de adalah seorg bdk yg sgt tak malu. hahahaha ...

  3. nak beli lagi dua bji...lepas tu gabungkan...then jadi sebuah kapal pirate yg cntk....dade nak benda ni wat per...kalo sebab comel, baek beli plushie dier...nanti aien carikan...