Thursday, February 24, 2011

MURoC 2011

So entry for today is about MUROC, stand for Malaysia University Robot Competition. Basically this robot competition is a lightweight category (based on my opinion). In this competition, the have 3 types of games...

1)Fire Fighting Robot -
Fire Fighting Robot is a game based on fire fighter rescue mission (consists of victim rescue and fire extinguish activities). The Fire Fighting Robot will be required to search around the house (field) victims and rescue as much as possible, while extinguishing fire in three minutes. This exercise is completed when the robot returns to the starting zone (RESCUE). Two teams (red and blue) will fight in each round (,2011)

2)Rope Climbing Robot -
Rope Climbing Robot is a game based on the military physical training. The Rope Climbing Robot is required to climb a 4.5 meter (177”) rope in three minutes. This exercise is completed when the robot touched the dedicated round plate (CLIMB) at the end of the rope. Two teams (red and blue) will fight in each round (,2011).

3)Paint Ball Robot -
Paintball Robot is inspired from the paintball game and has the same basic rule. The game will be ended when the robots can bring back the opponent competition flag to the starting zone (ACCOMPLISH). Two teams (red and blue) will fight in each round for five minutes. Each team is represented by 3 operators responsible in controlling the robot via remote control, 3 pit crews responsible for setting up of the robots and an instructor (,2011).

Our faculty,FKP has chosen the Fire fighting robot, and the team consist of 2 year 3 and 5 year 1 degree student. Actually this competition is just like a beginning for the year 1 student. To collect knowledge, to experience hardship and also to make them feel that making robot is fun and satisfying (i hope the get it, or else we will not see them anymore in next robot competition)

Finally, like to wish this team...gudluck and all the best...and very2 sorry that i can not go along....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Blog ???

3.30pm, on the road from Shah Alam to Melaka, i get an insight to create another blog. Why i need a new blog? actually it's not a new blog, just another genre of blog. Basically the current blog that i was using are mainly focused on my life, and another blog that may be created around the corner mainly focused on sharing knowledge and technology.

The new blog not yet have a title, and basically the source may be from the web also, just thinking that while surfing for idea, i kept crashing on very2 interesting topic, yet i just read alone. So this new blog, i would like to share with others regarding the knowledge....the new technology...and also the contest & event happening around me....

So frens...any idea on the head line of my new blog?and this blog will still be around to tell the story of my life....

Monday, February 14, 2011

RM 150.00

Last weekend, on my way to shah alam, my motorbike tire got puncture. A very2 big nails stuck at the tire. So inorder to continue my journey... first i call the PLUS hotline, they say, they cant do much...then i call this malay mechanics...he said, he will be there 20 minutes....but 1 1/2 hours i wait...still not come...

But then, a green kancil stop by....2 indian guys ask if i want to repair the tire...i agree seem the malay mechanics show no sign of coming (when i call, his caller ring tone play "InsyaAllah" by maher zain). After 1 hours, those indian come back with repair tire...and the price for all of that is RM150.00...CRAZY !!!...i know they try yo cheat me...n bully me since i got no option...i pay them (with little bit of traumatize experience)..

Since that day, i always thinking what can i do with the money RM150.00... Lots of things came out from my mind. I really fell frustrated because when u know u been cheated, n u also know, who cheat u, but u cannot do anything...make u fell really really mad. Anyway, the things i can do with RM150 come out in the list:
  1. Nerf Barricade 2x (coz i really want to buy since December but not so important so just KIV first...price RM70 each)
  2. Tank Track 3x (to complete my tank tire, i need 3 more tank track....price RM42 each)
  3. Imation & Kingston Pendrive festive collection (chinese new year i only got 2 design, n ithink, there will be valentine edition also...price RM28 each)
  4. Transformer Thumb Drive (very2 cool thumbdrive but the size are to small....price RM120)
  5. Clothing & Wear (before this accompany fren went shopping for his company dinner, notice lots of cool and smart clothing....price:Sweater = RM44.90, White Jeans = RM52.90, Hawaiian Shirt = RM55.00, T-Shirt = RM50 for 3 pieces)
  6. Dating (price for 2 person: Cinema = RM18.00, McD prosperity = RM32.00, Gift to remember = RM30.00, Fuel = RM30.00)
  7. Domino Pizza (now melaka have domino pizza...price = valentine set RM30.00)
So, lot of desire can be fill by RM150...and it such a waste just to give to somebody that does not know to spend their money (buying beer & cigarette)