Monday, February 14, 2011

RM 150.00

Last weekend, on my way to shah alam, my motorbike tire got puncture. A very2 big nails stuck at the tire. So inorder to continue my journey... first i call the PLUS hotline, they say, they cant do much...then i call this malay mechanics...he said, he will be there 20 minutes....but 1 1/2 hours i wait...still not come...

But then, a green kancil stop by....2 indian guys ask if i want to repair the tire...i agree seem the malay mechanics show no sign of coming (when i call, his caller ring tone play "InsyaAllah" by maher zain). After 1 hours, those indian come back with repair tire...and the price for all of that is RM150.00...CRAZY !!!...i know they try yo cheat me...n bully me since i got no option...i pay them (with little bit of traumatize experience)..

Since that day, i always thinking what can i do with the money RM150.00... Lots of things came out from my mind. I really fell frustrated because when u know u been cheated, n u also know, who cheat u, but u cannot do anything...make u fell really really mad. Anyway, the things i can do with RM150 come out in the list:
  1. Nerf Barricade 2x (coz i really want to buy since December but not so important so just KIV first...price RM70 each)
  2. Tank Track 3x (to complete my tank tire, i need 3 more tank track....price RM42 each)
  3. Imation & Kingston Pendrive festive collection (chinese new year i only got 2 design, n ithink, there will be valentine edition also...price RM28 each)
  4. Transformer Thumb Drive (very2 cool thumbdrive but the size are to small....price RM120)
  5. Clothing & Wear (before this accompany fren went shopping for his company dinner, notice lots of cool and smart clothing....price:Sweater = RM44.90, White Jeans = RM52.90, Hawaiian Shirt = RM55.00, T-Shirt = RM50 for 3 pieces)
  6. Dating (price for 2 person: Cinema = RM18.00, McD prosperity = RM32.00, Gift to remember = RM30.00, Fuel = RM30.00)
  7. Domino Pizza (now melaka have domino pizza...price = valentine set RM30.00)
So, lot of desire can be fill by RM150...and it such a waste just to give to somebody that does not know to spend their money (buying beer & cigarette)


  1. ooo.. ini la alkisahnye ye? xpela.. yg da lepas, bia je. yg penting, amik iktibar.. ;).

  2. salam..

    tak pe laaaa..:)

    follo ur blog.

  3. cian la bdk sorg nih. tp persamaan RM150 tuh semua tak best pun. x worth the money pun.

  4. soda:owh...dade tau ker...cepat tersebar..
    sekamar rindu:i follow u too...
    kak inas:to worth more than the price..(kehendak bkn keperluan)...heehehhe

  5. aiii ... network family kita lg hebat dr al-jazeera @ CNN tau.

  6. muahaha... tau, tau. cz de is d one yg kna marah becoz of this incident. ttbe di-kaitkan. itu yg de tau sgt tu. hoho.. keknas, de kan CEO news famly kita, itu yg hebat tu. ngeh3x.. ;D