Thursday, November 17, 2011

Great Bargain

2011 almost come to end, lots of sale and promotion pop-up from nowhere. But, yet the money is never enough for desire to be satisfy...

Start with this 18Nov, there are popular books clearance sale near me at Summit Subang USJ, up to 80% discount. Really nice bargain . . .

Then of to 20th November, where my friends will be having their wedding, the problem is not the weeding event...the event is a great thing, i'm really grateful for them (congratulations!!). but the thing is i agree to bought something from the groom. It is the PS3 game (2 of them actually)

Then next is the CRAZY sale cytron, all the item have been reduce to 50%.really2 worth it, I think i will bought something at the amount of RM200 (maybe . . .)

Then after that on 24th Nov, we have this aftermath big bad wolf sale, all the books there is rm5 only...i want to add more collection on the educational books,so may consider on going there.
Never then less, this online shop already restock the loot for gunpla. I have to get it fast or the item would be sold out.

so...ka ching $ $ $ ka ching

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Convo Gift + November Revenge

This month of November I have to reduce a little bit of my budget on gunpla, as lot of them is needed for this December event. Never then less i still able to obtain 2 gunpla (1 from my graduation gift, LIKE!! and another 1 normal monthly budget)

I love it when somebody game me Gunpla, because at my age right now, society think its not suitable for toys (GunPla is not Toys, but society think it is, blame the society !!)

~Rezel (Commander Type)~

So my older brother + his wife + my little sister gave me this Rezel (commander type) this has been my 2nd top list for the Jet Type (the first one is the Delta), jet type always been expensive compare to others. Thank You very2 muchy!!

Then this november revenge, i get the action base for the rezel and GunTank, this gunpla really old one. But i still like it as i just in to the tank type. Want to get the Loto Twin Set, but always not in the stock, so what to do GunTank just for now.

~Action Base 2 (Black)~


P/S: already finish gm custom,gouf custom, jesta n jegan...will be on the entry post later on.

Monday, November 7, 2011


The 1st step is always the hardest, but then one shall take the step to know their future...

Without looking back, think twice . . . thee shall walk proudly with the decision thee choose

Two roads diverge, never thee know what lies ahead . . .

So i,ve taken my first step, thus i have to planning carefully to make sure everything, everyone and everyday will go smoothly

This 1st step I've taken in pursuit of happiness together with the love ones OFFICIALLY .. .. ..

gudluck and all da best....Amin


Thursday, October 27, 2011

Terlalu Banyak . . .

Biasa ak tulis dlm english, bkn sbb ak nak berlagak or tak hormat bahasa tanah air. cuma ak rasa ni peluang ak utk berkomunikasi dalam bahasa inggeris . . . kat blog laaa ak menggunakan bahasa inggeris dgn cara tak formal...nak ckp english sokmo...xder lak org nak berbual lepaskan laa kat blog ni...

so entry ni bukan pasal bahasa sebenarnyer...tapi pasal minda ak...kalo nak tulis entry tanpa perlu pk...mmg terus ak tulis melayu terus...ak tak tau laa...ak rasa ak dah abis dah ak still rasa minda ak ni penat sngt...terlalu banyak sngt nak berpk...

haih..nak mengeluh pun rasa mcm membazir mengeluh gak selalu...haihhhh...

patut nya cuti tak yah pk pasal keja...rehat laa sebaik time cuti ni, sbb masa lapang agak kepala ni pk lg banyak sngt dari biasa, time ak belajar selalu gak tak pernah ak rasa mcm ni punya dasyaht...rasa mcm nak headshot jer kepala sendiri (bukan betul2...dlm game CS,heheheh)

pk dan pk . . . tapi jawapan tak pernah ada...mmg takder pun . . .tapi stil kena pk pk and pk....pasal ilmu boleh di kalo pasal sorg2 laaa....tu yg takder jawapan tu....

p/s: zombie kg pisang mesti tak suka otak ak...sbb otak ak giler2 nyer berserabut tinggi.baek utk org idup, xbaek utk org dah mati....

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

September Revenge

September have been the hardest month in the past...lots of pressure come from work...from life...and from own way to relief this stress by doing something i like, when finish i would become happily....So list of my hobby that help me to relief this stress are:
  1. Finish reading my English novel (fantasy fiction genre)
  2. Build own robot from scratch (small scale or big)
  3. Finish playing game (usually RPG one like dragons age, baldur gate n etc)
  4. Finish building a gunpla
  5. Finish making a proposal for research project or paper for conference
  6. Successful repair something that very2 hard
  7. Brainstorming bout robot with frens around table
  8. go Jog or Gym and exercise till really tired
so that several hobby that able to relief my stress that i can think rite now. and because of stress keep building on September, early October i get my revenge....and get this item....huhuhu

~Wagtail Custom & Jegan (Ecoas type)~

~Jesta (really lucky to get it, the last one in the shop) & Gouf Custom~

So this stock is to be prepare for October....If this October...get stress out...already have 4 stock gunpla to finish it...hehehehhe

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kalau kat Melaka

Kalu kat melaka . . . .

  1. Bila boring, g sorg2 shopping complex jusco baru or lama...just window shopping,cuci mata n tgk barang2 pelik n baru.
  2. Bila tension, g sorg2 arcade maen game.....abis smpi rm5 - rm10...pki seluar track jer sbb nak menari..heheheh
  3. Bila tak semangat, g jogging kat hutan rekreasi, pusing 2 3 round...layan keindahan alam sambil dengar lagu mp3 kuat2..kalo ada org tegur or kenal...tak dengar pun sbb duk berangan sambil jogging
  4. Bila pertengahan bulan jer, g sorg2 ker popular...tgk buku per yg baru kuar...ada yg menarik tak...kalo ada...baca sket...n then roger2 sponser..kalo takder sponser...terpkasa laa menahan lapar utk seminggu..baru dpt beli buku idaman...
  5. Kalo nak buang masa waktu weekdays, g library....then dari tingkat atas sekali hujung...scan buku...buku per baru...buku per yg menarik..buku per yg best...kalo jumpa pinjam...master dulu bleh pinjam 15 buku...ble lambat sehari...20sen satu buku...pnah lambat 5 hari....pergh...terbang duit time tu...
  6. Kalo rasa nak borak2...g lepak kedai makan RSU time malam (skrg tak bukak malam dah kut)...tak pun kedai siti...pakcik kedai sana suka sembang....
  7. Kalo nak berborak pasal robot...ajak junior g kuar makan...then sembang pasal robot...kadang2 tak sedar smpi pagi kat mcD...sedar biler org mcD tuka sign board breakfast
  8. Kalo nak borak pasal haz, lepak kat pangsapuri...sembang pasal bisnes n peluang wat duit...huhuhuh
  9. kalo nak tgk wayang, stat jer moto...trus g beli tiket...tgk sorg2 pun no hal...lg enjoy...pernah layan 3 wayang pastu pening terus kepala...sbb tak pki spek lg zaman tu...
  10. Kalo nak makan tmpt yg best...breakfast, kedai hutan (kedai tu dlm hutan rekreasi tu)...tgh ari, tasik makan sebelah tasik ayer keroh....angin dia pun sedap jer...layan)...malam, makan kat tasik ada...makan tepi pantai ada....makan sambil bersila (gazeebo stail)...semua dekat2 jer....
  11. Kalo nak berpeluh...roger jer meber..ajak maen kena booking dulu, no tepon dah ada...kalo maen dua org, setengah jam dah lepas maen tu....terus minum 100plus...sedap giler feel dia....
  12. Kalo nak cari barang hardware, org kedai pun dah knal...bleh dpt special price....ble tak datang lama...dia tanya...heheheh
  13. Kalo nak cari barang eletrik...dekat gak...barang takder kat kedai tu pun bleh mintak dorg oda kan...n then..selalu dpt student price wpun bukan selalu pergi..n sejak student lagi asyik pergi..
dah lama duk kat melaka...tu yg mcm semua apa yg takder kat melaka...n ada kat shah alam...kalo nak mandi...kolam sebelah jer...heheheheh.

p/s:shah alam bnyk pki duit kalo nak jalan...tu yg tak jalan survey tmpt tu....lgpn weekend busy sngt lorrr...

Stress kut !!

Today, our department have standard weekly department meeting, as usually, this meeting just to add on new task (project)...and update on the status of existing project.

Me and one of my colleague should finished a very super duper hard task this friday, but as now none can be shown as progress (still in study and research) the bos warn us (me only as one colleague is on MC) cause we ask for more time.

Actually the dead line had been moved twice, because we cannot finish it on time, the 1st time due to lot of ad-hoc project need to be finish in a blink of eye. He warn us, that this project should not be pending anymore, and at the same time, give us more project. Then said that we should be more multitasking...and not to forget to Prioritize project or task that is important....

so......I think I STRESS kut !!