Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Stress kut !!

Today, our department have standard weekly department meeting, as usually, this meeting just to add on new task (project)...and update on the status of existing project.

Me and one of my colleague should finished a very super duper hard task this friday, but as now none can be shown as progress (still in study and research) the bos warn us (me only as one colleague is on MC) cause we ask for more time.

Actually the dead line had been moved twice, because we cannot finish it on time, the 1st time due to lot of ad-hoc project need to be finish in a blink of eye. He warn us, that this project should not be pending anymore, and at the same time, give us more project. Then said that we should be more multitasking...and not to forget to Prioritize project or task that is important....

so......I think I STRESS kut !!


  1. alahai.. kesiannye bgril. ape jalan nk solve kje ni? klo nk blja n selesaikan dlm ms yg sama, mmg xsempat kan? hmmm... *thinking, thinking*

  2. kesimpulan dia..ntah laa...give pun terpk semangat ni kuat nak cuba bertahan paling kurang setahun kat cni.....huhuhuh

  3. hmmm ... terus terang dgn boss ape resources yg aien perlukan. lepas tuh request pd dia. kalau ada senior yg bleh bg guidance, mintak input dr senior tuh. keje bkn mcm study. aien grad master, of course la expectation tinggi. on job training aien ... xleh dh buat mcm time student dulu.

  4. xder senior dlm R&D...department ktorg baru di tubuhkan...ckp kat bos pun susah...nak print pun kn print depan belakang...satu muka surat kn print dua satu helai dapat 4 page...pastu coding tak leh print...manual tak leh print...baca kat monitor jer...betapa kedakut nyer bos aien...aien rasa company tak kedekut...bos yg kedekut...