Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Progress ???

I would like to update a little bit bout my right now, i think i'm not very efficient on my work.
~replace those human rights with work > too lazy to re-edit~

Due to the the task given, i have to study hard, to be able to develop system that bos demand. And study oneself makes me very2 boring, no motivation, no "pemangkin" and no any rewards to be promise...just if you finish the job on the time given, GOOD JOB....but if you failed, even you try hard, PLEASE BE FOCUS ON UR WORK !! (warning, bad on performance)

so becuse all this boring enviroment, i kept login my FB, update, stalk people, comment, every 5 minutes. can not focus much on the study...although, i like new things, but the presure is really2 burden me....a system that take 5 - 7 years to be develop as existing ...and then ask us ...newcomers, to develop the exact system with language that can be easily understand, modified circuit just based on actual product, no diagram and no schematic...all of this were asked to be completed during our first 3 mont...and the dead line is next friday...during that 3 months, there are lots of lots of lots of tons ad-hoc job required for us to finish in 1 - 2 weeks time . .. ..

that's why at the time like this, i can only think 3 thinks hat can make me calm a little bit
  1. Whats my mum is cooking?
  2. Gunpla (robot modeling)
  3. and dating
but all of this thing is not easily achievable, required time, money and also energy...not to forget...empty stomach...huhuhu

nway...gudluck to me..and have a good scolding next week..hahahah


  1. haha.. nnt da kna scold, bgtau ek cmn citenye. :P. kgkdg kje under stress ni best. tp, ble da terlalu lama under stress, rs cm xde fun da kje. last wik de x p skolah utk 3hari. duk kt BTPN kt beserah. ari kamis pegi TUDM. bes gile. hehe.. wik ni, ble p skolah, rs cm line clear je. mmg ada masalah, tp xrs cm big problem. relax je. hehe.. so, take your time. pegi cari bnda utk refresh-kan diri sndri dlu. as for me, naik jet n satu lg, blaja bnda luar dpd skop bidang de. ^^

  2. aien lebih suka pratikal...wat board...programming just simple wat programming yg hardcore gle2 nyer....tu yg jadi kurang semangat tu...arap next week ni dpt refresh gak

  3. klo kna gaya, yg hardcore gle2 tu, leh jd something yg best. papepun, bertahan2. ble kna marah, jgn wat muka swit sgt. haha..

  4. meh bljr ngan akak muke kena marah. hahahaha ... akak buat muke toye jek. tension org yg marah akak tuh.