Wednesday, October 19, 2011

September Revenge

September have been the hardest month in the past...lots of pressure come from work...from life...and from own way to relief this stress by doing something i like, when finish i would become happily....So list of my hobby that help me to relief this stress are:
  1. Finish reading my English novel (fantasy fiction genre)
  2. Build own robot from scratch (small scale or big)
  3. Finish playing game (usually RPG one like dragons age, baldur gate n etc)
  4. Finish building a gunpla
  5. Finish making a proposal for research project or paper for conference
  6. Successful repair something that very2 hard
  7. Brainstorming bout robot with frens around table
  8. go Jog or Gym and exercise till really tired
so that several hobby that able to relief my stress that i can think rite now. and because of stress keep building on September, early October i get my revenge....and get this item....huhuhu

~Wagtail Custom & Jegan (Ecoas type)~

~Jesta (really lucky to get it, the last one in the shop) & Gouf Custom~

So this stock is to be prepare for October....If this October...get stress out...already have 4 stock gunpla to finish it...hehehehhe

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  1. Hohoho! Nice! good luck finishing ur gunpla... dont forget to do the review.