Sunday, February 20, 2011

Another Blog ???

3.30pm, on the road from Shah Alam to Melaka, i get an insight to create another blog. Why i need a new blog? actually it's not a new blog, just another genre of blog. Basically the current blog that i was using are mainly focused on my life, and another blog that may be created around the corner mainly focused on sharing knowledge and technology.

The new blog not yet have a title, and basically the source may be from the web also, just thinking that while surfing for idea, i kept crashing on very2 interesting topic, yet i just read alone. So this new blog, i would like to share with others regarding the knowledge....the new technology...and also the contest & event happening around me....

So frens...any idea on the head line of my new blog?and this blog will still be around to tell the story of my life....


  1. xyah la wat blog baru. guna je blog ni. cuma bersulam cite je ngn life bgril. cz, nnt blog tu akn jadi, hidup segan, mati tamau. hoho..