Monday, April 18, 2011

Offer 1

Today, an offer to be research assistant comes to me. Actually i already reject the offer, and try to promote my friend, however he did not show any enthusiasm of that offer. Also, i have a doubt on his performance on the knowledge.

It's not that i don't trust him, just regarding on his capabilities make me think twice. Promoting him means that i guarantee to the lectures that he can do it, but when i notice his performance on the topic of research, i not so sure his the right man.

As a result, i advice the lecture to rethink on my recommendation of him. In a flash, the lecturer directly reject him, and put my name on the application and say that i can quit whenever i get fixed job. The reason the lecture want me in this research because, i have participated before, so no need to explain from the beginning.

I feel bad for my friends, and i hope that he can find job quickly (same to me)~Sorry

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  1. bkn rezeki die.. :). seb bek laki. klo pompuan, mgkn ade hard feeling..