Thursday, April 21, 2011

New Hobby

Lately, i been actively adding 'following' list of other blogs. However the blog that increase the number on the list is mainly on Gunpla hobby.

Gunpla or gundam plastic models refers to plastic and non-plastic model kits depicting the mechas, vehicles and characters of the fictional Mobile Suit Gundam universe (Wikipedia). so its basically bout building a robot (3d puzzle), a toys robot to be precise.

Why, i suddenly become interest in this hobby??...

well, it all start because of my master project. Due to the programming kept on failing, i have to think of new method in order to obtain result to be analyze for my master project. But 1 week of forcing to think will not result anything. Therefore, i do something that i like the most, that is building a robot. But if i start building the robot, i have to take 1 month, for material and $$$.

So, the faster ways to build a robot is building a robot model. although the price is quite high, but not as high as actual robot. so i went shopping with my friends, and bought all the stuff below.

As you can see, quite an item there.....there also parts to build the robot...

part for actual robot:
  • ladder sprocket chain
  • 4-speed crank axle gear box
  • universal plate set
  • tank track (in white box)
  • pic beginner kit (in white box) - mahasan
  • 8-channel servo controller (in white box) - en faizul

  • Keroro - pirate edition #38
  • Heavy metal - L- Gaim HG

~L-Gaim with my 3 in 1 solar tank~

so, after that crazy shopping...all the part to make a robot has stop, and gunpla model has incrase:
  • Keroro - pirate edition #35
  • Gundam Seed Astray - Blue Frame HG
  • Gundam Seed Astray - Green Frame HG
  • Tool box with all item to build the robot model as prefect as it can be (lots of money goes in here) ~still not complete yet, lots of things need to buy.

and in planning to get:
  • Keroro - pirate edition #36, #37, #39, need all 5 to complete full set
  • Gundam seed Astray - Red Frame HG
  • Air Brush Pen
  • Hobby Paint & cement

after get all the planning item, decided to on hold this hobby, and continue my actual hobby, building a actual moving robot (tak kawen laa ak...abis duit kat hobby jek).


  1. ade gk nnt org tu kata.. awk kawin jela ngn robot awk. hoho.. :P. dhsyat gk klo hobi tu require duit yg byk ek. klo blh dpt smula duet yg kita labur, xpe gk. agk2, cmn nk wat duet dpd hobi ni?

  2. hobi kalo wat jadi jana duit...dah tak panggil hobi...kena bg komitment....hobi saja suka2...n biler ada duit lebih baru invest(tapi hobi baru kn invest bnyk sket)