Friday, April 22, 2011

Hobby - Trading Card

Last post is bout my new hobby, as for this post will be about my past hobby, still have it but not play due to each team member walk their own path.

The hobby that i want to talk about is trading card game. Not just any trading card game...but international trading card: Magic The Gathering. So each game represents a battle between powerful wizards, known as "planeswalkers", who use the magical spells, items, and fantastic creatures depicted on individual Magic cards to defeat their opponents. This trading card game is not very suitable for child below 12, as it require deep knowledge of understanding and prefect strategy.

~ playing Magic at the dorm ~

I start involve in this hobby, at the age of 15, but playing with computer game on desktop computer (that time do not have any money, and did not know any shop that sell this card). the on the age of 19 (during matriculation study), I meet with friends who actually play and collect the card. 1 year exposed with friends, i also has become one of the wizards of magic the gathering.

~Akroma, Angel of wrath~

Lots of rare card is in my collection, and the one that i love the most is "Akroma, Angel of Wrath". Among my fellow members in matrix, I'm one of powerful opponent need to be aware of. But then, when i join, another magic group, a serious one. They gather at the hobby shop every Sunday from 9 to 12. One of them are top 50 in Malaysia and also there is one player, that rarely come, is top 5 in Malaysia, and also representative of Malaysia for international competition.

He never play serious with me (beginner), and he shows his legendary deck,a very superb combination and strategy. I try once to versus his powerful deck with my one and only legendary (so called) deck. In 5 minutes, I lost...-12 to 36. The initial life is 20. then, slowly my enthusiasm in this hobby began to withered. Rarely i come to the gathering, if come, just see them play, feel very shy to fight them with the so called legendary deck.

But still, i like this game, just not very serious enough. A serious player would buy all the limited edition card, and construct all the most powerful deck they can (still, this hobby require a lot of money)

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