Sunday, May 8, 2011

Hobby - Remote Control

In this entry, i would like to introduce my next hobby. Right now this hobby, are in the on-hold list as it require some investment to proceed further.

Although all the picture in this entry are RC Heli, but my hobby, are not limited to heli only. I also have RC Car (but not very good condition to be model in this entry), as long as its RC, I like them all.

~First RC Heli, major damage during first flight, totally a NOOB pilot~

~Outdoor Heli but very hard to control~

~Aluminum RC Heli, still in perfect shape due to sturdiness~

All of my RC Heli, are generally classified as toys, and why i said that?? My self declare term as toys is "buy & play" but for hobby "Desire, Buy, Modified & Learn". we plays with toys, but if it is hobby, we did not play it, we learn and make as our desire wanted.

That's why, right now, to proceed further in this hobby, i need to buy, a proper hobby RC heli as shown below.

Source: RC Dreamz

Wow!! hehehe, nice one huh . . like, like...

Yes, as you can see this hobby RC heli has all what should RC Heli have, beside that, this RC Heli are suitable for outdoor flight. And the price is . . . .


So, find job first, get the finance solid, and then would consider on buying this RC Heli.


  1. aiiii ... asyik nk kena guna duit byk jek utk hobby aien nih. duit utk kawin mn??

  2. kak inas...jgn cakap pasal kawen....huhuhuh...sbb kawen laa aien stop semua hobi2 yg bernilai rm100 ke atas ni....hhuhuhuh....bnyk lagi hobi yg on-hold skrg...

  3. kaya takder hobi...sbb dier boleh senang dapat brg2 ni....dia tak usaha, so dia tak sayang, dia tak minat benda2 yg tak perlu dia usaha yg takder duit jer...yg ada hobi mcm 2ni...sbb dier takder duit laa dia minat...