Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Trying to impress

My supervisor request the draft report on Thursday, but i don't know what comes to me, i determine to finish the draft one day early. trying to impress him. but now my work is half way to go, but really2 tired....

i have 2 choice, the first choice is close all my notes and then go to sleep...continue after wake up or the second choice, take a 2 hours nap and continue with the work...for sure i cannot continue, already banging the keyboard....can not 'goreng' anymore words.

the first choice is quite impossible because, i already made my plan for tomorrow evening, my friends will be coming to melaka, want to have all day out, so maybe have to struggle also tomorrow...and as for second choice...all alarm are setting to make sure I wake up to continue my job.

so anyhow...gudnite...

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