Monday, March 28, 2011

Thank You ...

Lately, i have been in very2 busy day...with my project that kept on failed, paid project that kept coming, also an unpaid chores that been adding to the list and also 'minat' project that can not let go due to my enthusiasm.

Thanks to Allah S.W.T , one by one problem have meet their answer...
  • I manage to come out with the result for my project, actually really proud of myself...kept smiling the whole night and feel very good (wanted to call myself master of the matlab... hahaha)

  • This week will be the last class (teach by me) for the robotic club class, finish with the module, hope that all that I thought will be able to help them (really like them all, because they have this 'minat' ).

  • VB programming project also settle, although the PIC for this project would not care much bout it, but due to that, I learn new knowledge on VB programming and Parallel wiring.

  • One of student project also got his result....really glad for him, coz he very serious in doing his project...usually student take simple on their FYP, did not meet their progress for almost 1 -2 month....quite sad when thinking that during my time, I would ask help from others (my family helps me a lot in this) even they are from others university or already working.

  • Green light from PIC of control panel for D'Space project to on hold until I finish my master project.

  • PIC of material handling system wiling to corporate in his role on this project, finish my task on this project...and also he like the concept idea for this project, hope he can finish this project.

  • finally, promise that i make with my love one, able to achieve (found the item that i really2 want to buy for her)
So, I would like to thanks my family, my friend that helps me....its really2 great to have you all support me


  1. good luck and best of future undertaking mentor..
    hopefully can meet u next sem..
    so that i can buli u some more

  2. hahah...bnyk laa buli...kalo ak ada kat utem lagi...makna nyer ak dah jadi lecture...kalo ak jadi lecture...abis laa korg, bnyk dah program ak nak wat...biar dalam otak tu robot jek....