Monday, March 7, 2011

Aku, Robot & . . .

So today entry is on me wif the robot (large size robot) I proudly to declare mine !!!

The first robot I n my team design and fabricate use for robot competition, Robocon 2006 (we are sad due to the robot cannot function and also had to be sacrifice due to the weight limitations)

2nd robot I n my team (but my team left only me due to the lack of commitment from other team mates, group leader exclude them) fabricate, also use for robot competition, Robocon 2008...fully function, unfortunately did not able to do his task coz all group members not confident. My robot will be use to take the butter in the middle, in order it to do, a manual robot are require to lift my robot to reach the butter. They afraid that my robot will damage the manual robot.

The 3rd robot my team fabricate...consist of 3 person..n fabricate within 1 months...function according to plan with minor error...use in robot competition, Robowars 2010.

p/s: smaller robot entry will be post next time.

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