Sunday, March 6, 2011

Tank - Chapter I: Intro

First of all, would like to praise myself for able to "decorate" this blog, at least its no soo dull....1 hour learning HTML back 8 years ago...a little bit rusty there...nway, congrat to myself...

so today would like to introduce a new segment (hahahah) dis segment, i would discuss on the coming project that i would like to make (if i have some time)...positive n negative comment would be much appreciate as i would take it to correct myself.

Project 1: Tank

The tank would be able to move at any uneven surface, and capable of climbing 50mm obstacle. Using the Tamiya twin drive gear box (not sure yet the torque) wif differential drive
The estimate dimension will be 400 x 250 mm
Control using RC 5 channel : 2 channel will be using to drive, 1 channel to rotate weapon, 1 channel to elevate weapon n 1 channel will be using to fire weapon
weapon design (BB bullet)
material: HDPE and Arcylic
Sketching will be come out when have some time (idea will be getting from image below...this robot can be get at

Budget: 5 Channel RC remote + Wheels + Motor + Materials + Electronic = estimate around RM500


  1. baik aien carik keje kat tempat yg aien bleh main creative mcm nih. bidang yg sesuai utk aien ... R&D. so explore2 la. sbb kalau aien keje tempat yg regime ngan protocol, aien akan rasa frust.

  2. orang cakap....jangan jadi kan kan minat tu kerja...nanti biler tension ngn kerja...tak der minat nak wat per2 dah....

  3. tp kalau keje tak minat ... baik takyah keje.

  4. like dgn komen keknas yg no 3 tu.. unlike komen bgril..

  5. hahah...saya tak pernah keja...keja sebelum ni...sbb dah bosan...trus berenti....kerja utk cari ilmu...dapat ilmu....berenti...hahahah

  6. ishk2 ... tuh maknanya kena grow up dan menghadap dunia nyata. jgn jd mcm mbr akak, takut sgt nk keje ... jd duk bljr jek memjg. kitorg semua dh 5-6 thn keje, dia br nk start keje. rugi2.